Ah… From democracy, to idiocracy, truly we must the most advanced race.

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And here’s a little something I found online yesterday….

    Ah… the age of suing. Apparently no one can simply say, “Wow, I am an idiot for doing such a thing. I think I’ll just be more careful not to do that again.” Is it really that difficult to say? How hard is it, whether you get absolutely infuriated, or laugh it off, that you made a mistake? Obviously a lot harder than it seems to me.  If you haven’t noticed, there is a link below to go to youtube. More specifically, to the page that shows an example of stupidity. Even more specifically, the lady know as ” The Lady Who Fell in the Fountain at the Mall While Texting.” Ok, I don’t know what she is actually known as, other than idiot, moron, fool, a terrible liar, stupid, foolish, an idiot… wait, I already said that. Oh, here is the link.


    Ok, honestly, no matter what I put on here I don’t think I can top what Nick said. I’m listening to the video again, and laughing histericaly. Ok, not so much hystericaly, just in my mind as everyone is sleeping. But oh my gosh, the fountain could have been empty, she could have hit the bus, it could have happened anywhere! There could have been a bus driving through the mall. WOW! I’m gonna have to be careful the next time I am walking through the mall. The bus might hit me!

    I do have a question though, why attempt to sue the mall? The fountain wasn’t doing anything, it was just sitting there minding it’s own business. That poor fountain! It was that blasted phone who is to blame. It was distracting her and forcing her to pay attention to it’s tiny screen that completely coverered her field of view! Her peripheral vision had no chance! Next thing you know, people might start texting while they are driving, and they will wreck too! Oh… wait.. that does happen. Maybe that’s why it’s illegal in some places to text while you’re driving. I guess we better be careful or the government might implement a no texting while walking rule. We’ll have State Troopers combing the malls constantly for these people that are so foolish as to risking their lives and countless others’ lives by texting and walking simultaneously. Ahhhhhhh.. the horror.

    I tried to top Nick. I’m sure I had a groaner or two in there, maybe even a knee-slapper, but I’ll leave you to decide that. I’ll continue, though, to bring the latest and most terrible and tragic stories to you daily or hourly or something, so that you can be aware of the infamous cell-phone and their homosidal tendancies. They are everywhere, I don’t know how we are still alive.

    I did find a way to embed this video after I posted this, so now I am reposting with the original footage. Unfortunately, I cannot imbed the interview with her, but I’m hoping you aren’t too lazy just to click on the link. So, without further ado(I think I am beginning to like that word), here you go, the Fountain Lady!


Ah, the first steps towards……. Something.

    As the title clearly indicates, this is my first post. As to what the following posts will be about, I’m  not quite sure yet. I have a feeling this will be a great way to voice my opinion on topics such as my life, your life, someone elses life, american life or something having to do with life, and/or the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything. For those of you who did not catch that reference, that was a quote, at least to some degree, from the movie, or the book, “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“. I will attempt to post a hyperlink to the words “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“, however, I cannot guarantee I will be able to find out how to do so. If I am, however, able to, you will know as you will be able to click on the words, and hyperlink to a website that will show you what “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is about.

    Now, seeing as I was rudely interrupted by myself, I will continue explaining what I may or may not do and/or say here in this lovely blog and/or rant. As I covered that a may talk about life and others aspects of such, I may also discuss food, such as what I had today, and how it was, or how bad the service may have been wherever I ate this food. I might talk about politics, and the idiocracy, erhhmm, I mean, democracy of it all. Perhaps a great topic will be how stupid some people are today, or yesterday, or every day. As you can see, I myself am unable to come to agreement with myself and my other self, and possibly another, as to what this will be about.

    DISCLAIMER: While I may not believe in everything, or much of anything, that the government does, I do support a few things that our original government got right, such as, our Freedom of Speech! I support this because I believe everyone has the right to say what they have to say. I do believe in having a proper venue and timing when saying what you say, as some things are highly inappropriate to say in certain circumstances. If you hate someone, sure you have the right to say it, even if it is inappropriate to go out shouting to the world, but would you have to do so at their own funeral? Ok, so maybe some of you would, I don’t know. I’m not judging you on such, it’s not my job to do so. Maybe that wasn’t the best example. Regardless, my point of this is, there is a time and place for everything. I do believe in freedom of thought unconditionally, though. Think about it, anytime you want, I don’t care. Just don’t tell me about it, and if it’s bad, don’t do it either. Now if you were thinking about giving me some money, go ahead. I’ll even list a few reasons for you to do so here:

1.You find my writing stimulating or interesting or some variation of the two:

2. You find my writing provocative, in the sense of rousing arguments or discussions and you wish to hear more of what I say so you can enjoy a good jousting of words because you’re right (and if you are paying for that reason, I’ll argue with you all day);

3.You just want to be kind and you understand I am not one of the “privileged” people of todays economic hell-hole;

4. You are one of those aforementioned “privileged” people that rather being born into money, worked hard to do so, and you would like to motivate me to strive harder to be successful like yourself;

5. You are just flat out rich and you’d love to share a few bucks with some guy you do not know because you can;

.6 You would like me to comment on something you heard about, that I have not posted about, that you would like me to look up and research and then give my own opinion on this topic to start an argument with the person who is paying to argue with me; and finally,

7. You just felt giving today.

    Now, I do realize that was a bunch of random reasons, and yes, I did just let them flow off the top of my head, as they surfaced to the top of my head. Which, incedentaly, brings me to my next point. I can pretty much guarantee you that almost everything on here that I will post, will be completely random, and without rhyme or reason. If I take the time to write this all out and plan before I actually get on to post, I will more than likely get agitated from doing this twice, and decide to type less, thus leaving out the most important and entertaining part, the spontaneity of my thinking process. Yes, I Googled that word. No, not process, spontaneity.

    On a finishing note, I am finished, or will be in a minute or two typing time, or, o few seconds reading time. I’m not quite sure. I would like to thank anyone who has actually read this far, if anyone is reading at all…….. HELLOOOO????? Ah, perhaps not. Well….